Giving Up Engineering and Medicine : BSc in DU

If you had a science background at the intermediate level, it is quite certain that you must have appeared for JEE or NEET. It may be true for some students that they really wish to pursue engineering or medicine, but the fact is, more than half of us take up sciences in +2 because of good marks in matriculation. And immediately after 12th, we are left with no choice but to appear for these examinations because of good “career prospects”.


However, the number of seats are limited and not everyone is lucky enough to bag one in a government college. Generally, this is how we end up pursuing basic sciences at Delhi University.

You are at the right place

Let us begin by breaking a myth. BSc doesn’t seem like a lucrative course only because it isn’t marketed well. Question yourself: Why did you really sit for JEE? Does engineering really interests or you simply wanted a job? Again, an MBBS degree does not guarantee a good future.

You are right in choosing a 3-year, versatile course over beating yourself to crack an entrance exam. Those exams are for entering a college, not for making your career.

The Government has your back!

India has a serious shortage of researchers and scientists. To deal with this problem, the government is incentivizing students who give up medical and engineering and pursue basic or pure sciences. There are many government scholarships available at the undergraduate, postgraduate and research level.

At present, you may be eligible for the Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE), offered by the Department of Science and Technology.

It is learning at its best

Life of a science student is busy. Sciences in DU is as hectic as engineering or medicine. Classes from 8:30 am to 5 pm, long practicals, and unending file work trouble a BSc student since the very start. However, if you look at it a bit more closely, you’ll soon realize the improvements in your efficiency, multi-tasking and time management skills!

You are still free to choose

It may sound weird, but it is okay to be clueless even after joining the course. Discovering what interests you is a process and science is never a bad option to try. You have the Delhi University edge: opportunities to acquire new skills are always just round the corner. There are people who pursue post graduation in sciences, and there are people who leave the field to enter others.

Giving up engineering and medicine: BSc in DU
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What matters the most is an interest in the sheer beauty of science. Yes, things do not work out at times, the schedule gets hectic and each day brings forth new challenges. You need¬†to learn to unlearn a lot of things. You need to discover a lot of things. But at the end of the day, it’ll all be worth it.

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