Graduation Day Alert : Make it a Special one

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Once you graduate, it’s a mindfuck. There are no rules. You have goals, sure. Career goals. Financial goals. Relationship goals. But there is no clear path to reach them. Imagine that suddenly instead of a bunch of stairs and ladders leading to one place, you have a bunch of stairs and ladders leading to an unknown place.

Advice? This is the time when you are free ‚Äì (usually) not married. Travel is fantastic, but hard to do on no money. Getting a job is the right career move, but can suck. Try to do both! Have fun and take risks while you’re young and unattached. Life only gets more complicated. When else in life will you have few responsibilities and an open road ahead of you? Take some risks, go on adventures, do things you’d never thought you’d do!

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Words of wisdom? Follow your gut, work hard, don’t get discouraged and enjoy every moment. Enjoy the journey. The time right after graduation is when you can learn a ton about yourself, the world, and life. Even if you feel like life is shit, don’t give up, and pay attention to stuff, there’s a lot to learn and enjoy if you pay attention.

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Make new friends. Talk to the person seated next to you. Start with light talk; find out what his or her plans are after college. In case you are in a more reconciling mood, mend fences with classmates (or teachers) whom your relationship with had gone sour over the years. This would make you feel doubly good about yourself: All friends, no enemies.

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Do something crazy. If you’re known to be the shy, timid person in class, release all your inhibitions for 30 seconds and shout at the top of your lungs. Sing praises, dance, hug your seatmate. Bring your own confetti and shower fellow graduates with it. Sky’s the limit for this. Be creative!

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Mayank Saxena
Intelligent but underachieving, predominantely happy and funny but with a dark side to my personality. Basically, a walking contradiction.

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