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With new restaurants, cafes’ and eateries opening every now and then at our very own and known, Satya Niketan, it is difficult to stay and get into the hearts of the people. But with Grill Masters which has come up a while ago in the most happening street out here has settled for nothing less but TASTE!

Located in the heart of Satya,this place is just like a small shop with a counter at the front and a kitchen at the back, nothing lavish or special about the setting, with two movable tables for students right outside the shop but what it lacks in its seating and arrangement makes up for the taste and the pocket-friendly eatery that it provides.

The menu runs with a list of the types of burgers, sandwiches, fries, platters that one wishes to have after a tiring day at college along with the variety of shakes and thirst quenchers that it presents. Also, it has small meals which suit an individual’s need for satisfying his/her hunger pangs.

Being a writer myself at this portal,I’d recommend you to relish its most special CARAMEL COFFEE along with its cheese sandwich.

Lets hope that soon enough Grill Masters comes up with a restaurant for everyone to explore, experiment and fall in love with its mouth-watering taste.

An idiosyncratic and a determined individual since'97 with the zest to stand out and get past the fear of oblivion. Trying to overcome being a gourmet and getting rid of the habit of procrastination at all times. That's that. English(H) at Maitreyi College, Second year student


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