Gujarat Class 12th Topper Shuns College To Become A Jain Monk

Gujarat Class 12th Topper Shuns College To Become A Jain Monk


A typical bourgeois dream- study enough to get into a good college, get hands on a good job, marry the right one and live a calm life ahead. Turns out this was not on catalogue for Gujrat Topper Varshil Shah now Suvirya Maharaj.The Gujarat secondary and higher secondary education Board results surfaced on May 27 and Ahemdabad boy, Varshil secured top position by scoring 99.9% marks

Shah chose the untravelled road and took diksha ceremony to mark initiation of sainthood. Shah said this was consequence of ‘deep disappointment with worldly life. The ceremony was witnessed by 3,000 people and was celebrated by Shah’s family and community members. Varshil and his sister were bought up in an extremely simplistic manner. Two weeks prior to his board results, he took this bold decision.Both the parents were supportive  of Varshil’s decision as they alike their son are ardent followers of Jainism.

In an interview, post-ceremony, Shah told about his desire to proceed to a life of peace and calm which came from without harassing anyone. He explained the materialism living by example of festivals like Uttrayan (happiness which came from cutting other’s kites) and Diwali ( enjoyment at cost of sleep of birds and animals). ‘Many people asked me ,I got success (board results), now what?, Diksha is success for me’.

The Vashidaan ceremony took place at about 4:30 a.m. at banks of Tapi River. Vashidaan ceremony, dispose off jewellery and cash symbolising detachment from material world.It was followed by tonsuring of head and reciting prayers. Last but not the least, Varshil sought permission from his family to renounce the world.

Varshil embarked on journey of spiritualism three years ago, after coming in contact with Shri Kalyan Ratna Vijay Ji. Interestingly Shah sought help from monks to improve his concentration power and achieve success in examinations.