Hansraj Students Harassed In North Campus : Man Masturbated Looking Them In The Eye

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In a flat in Vijay Nagar, North Delhi reside 4 girls, 3 of whom went to buy some essentials at 9.30 PM. While descending their staircase, the girls encountered a man sitting on their staircase, holding something in his hands. The girl who saw him immediately panicked and rushed back upstairs, the other two followed her. On reaching back to their flat, they realized that the person sitting downstairs was masturbating.

They went to their balcony to check what he was doing after hearing them panic. The guy was standing on the road, shamelessly looking up at them and masturbating. He did not stop while the girls, appalled, and could not think of what to do in that situation.

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They rushed back inside their room and when they peeped in to check what he was doing, they saw him sitting on his scooty that he had conveniently parked outside, and staring at their balcony, as if he was waiting for them to look outside.

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Hansraj Students Harassed In North Campus : Man Masturbated Looking Them In The Eye
Instagram post made by one of the students after this incident

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The girls stay in a building occupied by girls on all floors except the first, where the guy was sitting. Surprisingly, the building adjacent to their own is a girls PG which is supposed to have a guard. However, he was nowhere to be seen.

On speaking with a lady constable, the girls were told  “Iss complaint ka mai kya karu, tum log toh Delhi se ho bhee nahi” (What do I make of this complaint when you all are not even from Delhi).

A close member of the residents welfare association of their colony advised them to not indulge in the proceedings of a police case.

No matter how progressive we try to make our society, the best advice would still be to shut our eyes, ears, and mouth to incidences of harassment. But if we will not take it up, who will? Share this incidence with as many women as you can. Let them know of all possible situations they may face. Let them prepare themselves better for such situations.

No matter how hard the Delhi Police is working to curb harassment, a single response of ignorance is sufficient to make a victim lose faith in the security of this city and this country. Be aware, be safe.

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