Here's a Beginners Guide For Those Hitting The Club First Time In Their Life

Truth is, most people go out to be entertained, without being entertaining people themselves. They just stand around and wait for things to happen. It works if you’re an attractive woman because by virtue of your mere presence, wherever you are is the place to be and whatever you do is what others pay attention to. Therefore you’ll see beautiful women talking about how they go out to dance or have fun with their girlfriends and take for granted what others go out to get for themselves but aren’t merely given for free.

There you are, average Joe…. and you don’t understand why anyone would go to the club. It’s noisy as hell, the drinks are super expensive, people keep bumping into each other, you can barely hold a conversation, the music is questionable at best, and there are always some drunk assholes starting fights. Does this seem like your experience at the club?

If so, let me tell you what you’re doing wrong: you’re waiting for shit to happen. Why blame others for not being interested in you when… you’re not interesting? The club is a HIGH ENERGY setting and you’re the frigging happening. You are what’s happening. If you’re a low energy person, this might not be the place for you! But if you can get yourself vibed up and amped up you can have a great time! Walk in, smile and just…. talk to people. Don’t try to discuss politics … just high five some people, say “hey what’s up!”, walk around, drink, smile, say hello, compliment someone, spread a good vibe and a good energy, and move on. If a conversation happens to just start, then keep it going by all means, but don’t feel obligated to do so.

So be the  party. Mingle, smile, dance, talk to EVERYONE just a little bit. Be POSITIVE, and KIND, and WITH A GOOD ENERGY, and keep moving. Invite a stranger for a shot. If you see birthday party, pop by, give congratulations to the person, share a shot, tell everyone “this is the coolest guy/girl ever!” etc. If you see a guy with a trendy look or a woman who obviously put a lot of effort into her look, compliment them sincerely and then walk away….

Be the happening. If people wanted to just dance and drink, they could do it in their living room, to music they actually like, for a lot cheaper.


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