High Court Dismisses The Plea For Fresh DUSU Elections
Image Source-NDTV

NSUI’s plea for conducting fresh elections has been dismissed by The Delhi High Court today. The plea was made by NSUI president Sunny Chillar, after Ex-DUSU president Ankiv Baisoya was found guilty of furnishing fake degree to get admission in the university. Honourable Justice Yogesh Khanna passed the judgement after hearing various arguments.

ABVP president Baisoya’s fake degree was revealed accruing to¬† a varsity of reports received from Thiruvalluvar University. The university had scrutinized Baisoya’s degree before presenting the report to the Delhi University. Post the revelation, Bisoya resigned from his post on November 14 after the verification of degree was done by Delhi University.

According to the university guidelines, the fresh elections can be held within two months of a vacancy of the post. The revelation happened on 13th September while the final verification took place on 14th November. Henceforth, the time for fresh elections expired. It was also alleged at the university had deliberately delayed the verification process so as to prohibit the fresh elections from happening.¬†NSUI’s National Incharge Ruchi Gupta said, “The HC has dismissed the petition for fresh DUSU elections. We are deeply disappointed. DU Admin colluded with ABVP during elections and thereafter, to delay verification making a complete mockery of institutional autonomy and free and fair elections.”

“Legal precedent is on our side but even during arguments, DU admin council stressed on the logistics to argue against elections. In fact, in their written submissions, DU Administration has lied saying that fresh elections will require lakhs of students and hundreds of colleges to vote again. Precisely,1.3 lakh students and 50 colleges/depts”, she said further.


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