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Hostel : Your Home For Next Three Years

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Welcome freshers to a new world i.e. college.You are going to have the best three years of your life here.For the outstation students,the change is not only of moving from school to college but shifting from your own place (home) to a new city/state.You will be the boy/girl in the new city.
We all anticipate a lot about hostel life. We have heard so many stories from our bhaiyas or didis about their hostel/pg life, that we start to anticipate ours as well.So here are a few things which all the outstation students should look forward to regarding their hostel life-


The first thing all outstation students are worried about after the admissions is find a place where they can live.The best option is to get admitted in the college hostel.So do apply for that even if you get in or not. In the latter scenario,start looking for a pg or private hostel near your campus.Girls can apply in Under Graduate Hostel for Girls which comes under University of Delhi.


Make your hostel/pg your home away from home.You will miss your home,your family terribly but eventually you will get used to it in a few weeks.If you are in a hostel,then be ready to live according to the rules.In hostel its all about timings.If you do not want to miss your breakfast then get up early.If you want to have lunch,do not roam around lunch timings.You have to come before the final closing time of the hostel otherwise be ready for the consequences.
If you want to have a night out then apply a few days before you have to go.If you are in college hostel do not break any of the rules otherwise you will be thrown out.While in pgs the rules are not so strict.


Those who think they cannot adjust, welcome to hostel/pg life. You have to adjust not only with your roommates, but your floor mates as well.As there are chances that your college timings might clash with others,so you will have to adjust accordingly.You have to get up at the right time,dress up and also have to take your breakfast.So late risers have a lot to worry about.
The best thing about college hostel is that if you have the first lecture or any other in that case,you can just get up and come in your night clothes.Sometimes even students living in a pg/hostel do not bathe,when getting late for the lecture and wear anything appropriate and attend the lectures.Everyone has that sort of days.
You become independent.At home there are parents and you can take things carelessly.But at hostel,you have to live on your own.You have to wash your own clothes,eat food on time,clean your room.There is no one to pamper you.Well you become a grown up.


When you are alone in a new city,your roommates and college friends become your family.A person is very lucky to have his school or city friends as his roommates.It does not mean you do not have to adjust but adjustment becomes easier.Outstation students are very anxious about their roommates,whether they will get along or not,how will they adjust.These are a few things which haunt them before they meet their roomies.Once you get to know each other as well as other of your floor or hostel mates, you can definitely make good friends.
Roommates celebrate together everything from birthdays to internships to breakups.If your roommates become your friends, then half your worries are gone.You order food together,when the hostel food becomes unbearable to even look at.You go shopping together,you discuss your college and personal life.And if you have same interest in movies or sports or books then you have a lot to discuss about.They can become your best buddies.And those who do not get along with their roomies,need not worry,you can find a friend in any of your floor mates.


You learn sharing.From clothes to books to internet you share everything with your roommates.If their mobile break,you provide your spare phone.You also share food with them.When your family sends any food item,you do not consume it alone,you share it with them and obviously shamelessly eat theirs as well.Making your favourite noodles and eating together.Sometimes you even cook food together.It is the friendship which helps you to continue in the new city among new people.
The best thing about hostel life is the immense growth one has as a human being.We learn things about adjustment and adaptability which helps us wherever we go in future.
These are a few things which as an outstation student you get to experience while you live in a hostel or pg.
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