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How can we help the people of Afghanistan?

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After 20 years of the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan, the Taliban took control of the country’s capital, Kabul. And this distressing event took place amidst the chaotic evacuation of the Afghan National Government and Western Diplomats.

The fast-moving situation in Afghanistan looks increasingly grim. Saddening images and videos of Afghans trying to flee from the country are going viral on the internet. The Afghan president has fled the country, leaving the residents in severe chaos and panic.

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The situation in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate rapidly as the country becomes more unstable. Around 5,50,000 Afghans have already been displaced this year, comprising 80% of women and children. Many Afghans say they fear their lives as violence continues to increase.

More than 18 million people in Afghanistan require humanitarian aid – a number that has doubled since 2020 and the world must not turn its back on the needy Afghans.

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Here are a few things you can do right now to help the Afghans in danger:

1) Open Your Wallet

Many organisations have launched emergency aid appeals since the Taliban captured Kabul. International NGOs such as the International Committee of the Red Cross, the International Rescue Committee, and the UN Human Rights Committee, are seeking donations to support their front line work in the country.

It’s possible to show support from wherever you’re based across the globe. The Australian organisation Baba Mazari Foundation has committed to distributing $100,000 in emergency aid to internally displaced refugees while the U.K.-based charities Afghanaid and Turquoise Mountain have launched crisis funds.

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If you’re not allowed to make international transactions, you can ask your friends and relatives living abroad to make the necessary donations.

If you are not confident about where your money is going, then the not-for-profit network AFG Diaspora Hub has created a directory of verified organisations to help individuals make informed decisions about their giving.

2) Volunteer to help resettle refugees

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is calling for volunteers to help refugees upon arrival. The volunteers will be responsible for airport pickups, meal assistance, mentorship, tutoring and more. You can also volunteer if you’re in one of the areas where refugees are arriving. A form by LIRSConnect has also been circulated to know about other areas where volunteers are needed.

3) Urge President Biden to act now to protect at-risk Afghans

President Biden must act swiftly to protect the Afghans in danger as their lives depend on it. International Rescue Committee is also helping people to email the White House.

It is the responsibility of President Biden and the State Department to do everything possible to facilitate a safe and orderly departure from Afghanistan, for people affiliated with the U.S. The Biden Administration must also take immediate action to help the estimated 18.4 million people in need of aid in Afghanistan.

4) Reach out to lawmakers and sign petitions

Pressuring politicians and lawmakers to open safe and legal pathways for the migration might help ensure the safety of Afghan refugees. To do so, we can sign petitions and protest peacefully to reach them out and make our voices heard.

5) Show Afghans your support

We, the youth can unite and leverage the power of social media, asking for immediate actions. We can spread the word about this distressing situation of Afghans and educate more and more people about it thereby pressurising the government faster.

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