How Failure and Rejection Can Lead to Success

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In today’s day and age, the one thing that remains the most over-rated is the word, ‘success’. Success, which defines a person in terms of the money he earns, the post she holds and the net amount they’re worth.

In this rat race, however, what we forget is the idea of subjectivity. Of what success means to different people. Of the idea, that if it can mean a good pay package to someone, it can also mean a sense of job satisfaction to another.

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When success becomes so important to one, the sagacious concept of failure gets overshadowed somewhere, as if, there wasn’t a mere possibility of rejection on the frst place. The same concept which teaches us, that it isn’t the end, but a useful means to get to that end. The question then becomes, why do we fear failure so much, especially, when it acts like a stepping stone to get us where we want to be?

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The answer being, our inability to hear the word ‘No’ and our conditioning of expecting instant gratifications.

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The reason we don’t have a plan B is because we’re too stuck up on the idea of plan A to work all the time and under each and every circumstance, however dynamic the environment we are operating in, may be.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s never detrimental to get one’s hopes high, however, anything done by functioning at either extremes, leads to resentment and frustration due to lack of patience and instant results. A lot of times, a single rejection and the mouthing of the word ‘no,’ means the end of the world to most of the people.

What we need to realise is that, there is never one single defining moment for all. One moment that guarantees an absolute make or break in one’s life. Sure, it will lead to some bumps up and some down, but never can any one aspect, or say, failure in that one aspect, define how big you are going to make it in life. It then comes down to this-

‘How you pick yourself up from the failure, What you learn from it and How efficiently you apply it to get where you want to be and become what you aspire to become.’

Lastly, Had it not been for the rising up from the failures that they had faced during their entire span of their careers, we wouldn’t have known the famous personalities such as Beyonce, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln, among others, who took their rejections and failures in their stride, vowed to work harder and become the people who they are now and are respected for.

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