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How Life Is After 365 Days Without Television

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This is no challenge, no joke. It’s the story of my life.

Long long ago, my family decided to cut our cable connection (I’ll tell you the reason behind it in person someday!). I was now left here, without my favorite daily doze of television viewing.

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Following are the 6 ways in which my life changed,after this change

1. More time to sleep,more time to rejuvenate

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Yes, that’s true. I generally don’t have a particular hobby like sketching or singing. For me, sleeping works. I realized that now I could sleep whenever I wanted to, unlike earlier, when I used to sleep when a specific daily soap episode got over.

2. More time for movies!

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Yes, I didn’t really got time to watch movies I always wanted to see. Now I have it all! I have explored new sources of entertainment. Also, I started following movies I never knew really existed.

3. My house turned from ‘Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata hai’ to ‘Aap ki Aadalat’

Don’t take me wrong, but we do discuss stupid serials when we all as a family eat together (which generally didn’t happen earlier, so point number 4 that becomes xD). But now, we discuss news, politics, things we did the whole day, things we wish to do, we go out more often, and we spend more time knowing each other.

4. Eat together,be together

Yes, as mentioned above, we eat together more often now, and play games like tambola as well after dinner. And yes, going on a walk after dinner also has become possible now.

5. Increase in reading time

I was not a reader earlier (still not fully) but now I do try to make sure to read my newspapers. I have started spending more time on these things.

6. No to Big Boss,No to stupidity

Honestly, I never really liked such shows (no offense). However, I don’t know why I always used to follow them. Now that I don’t have an option, I don’t even try. I didn’t even know it has got started again (sigh sigh) a week ago.

You must be thinking it’s a perfect life without television. However, that’s not the case. You may miss important things, important news (Example, Demonetization). I sometimes even feel left with too much time at hand.

So yes, everything has an opportunity cost. What we need to do is assess their values, and make decisions accordingly.

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