How Life is When You Are A ‘Not-So-Future-Oriented’ Person?

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What do you mean by future goals?

For many of us,making plans for the future is to plan to what to eat the next day or making plans for the weekend.

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From the very beginning of our education, we are asked “Aage Kya Karna hai?” “Bade hokar kya banna hai?” In class 10th, every person you know on planet Earth will ask you- “Which stream are you choosing next year?”. In class 12th the question is “Which college/course?” , in college, it is “Which field?”, and after that “When are you thinking of getting married and how many kids are you planning to have?”. If you are the person I’m referring to, your choice,for obvious reasons,would have been what your friends chose or what your parents wanted you to do.

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The ‘not-so-future-oriented’ people have to listen to the taunts parents pass, the jokes friends crack on them and the ‘hawws’ and ‘ohhhs’ from a variety of people if , please note the point, if they fail to answer the question “Beta, aage Kya Karna hai?” within 10 seconds. Maybe the answer to this can be “Ji, I am going to do what my parents are suggesting”, to which a very intelligent person framed a reflex question i.e. “No, I mean what do you want to do?”. Tricky and confusing because now you can’t answer your parents’ dream as your dream.So you can simply end it by saying “I want to make my parents proud”. Now your parents may look at you with a questioning expression as they know what kind of a kid you are but all other people will go “aww” and praise you in front of your parents.

Problem solved? Maybe not.The driving force behind getting influenced on the matter of future is the pressure society puts on us.For half of the people,your opinion doesn’t matter and the other half don’t want you to succeed.They just want to gossip about your ‘5-year plans’ which should include policies about your parents, job, earning, marriage and kids.

“Preparing for the future is great, it’s amazing, try thinking about it, but only when you are willing to, or else you can willingly take risk. You can succeed in any avenue but only if you work hard. As we all know, planning without execution is a waste.”

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Aishwarya chaudhary
Aishwarya is a 19 year old history student of CVS. A big foodie and least interested in shopping , she is still exploring Delhi.

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