How This Mid Semester Break Went For Different Type Of Kids

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Let’s reconsider the idea of having more than one mid sem break again. Today happens to be the last day of our freedom, tell me as you read the article below,How did you end up spending your days?¬†

Mid semester break is all about giving leverages for being an escapist from the cliched college life for a while.Day in, day out had been all about college, assignments, catching sessions, the internals and the short attendance trauma – a break and a full stop to all of this cracking down our heads.

For the one’s who are out-station students like me, it feels like a big dream come true – a weekend full of bonanza. Unlike the break we get before the exams, we burst out depressing about how will our papers go. This autumn breaks covers up all our glitches. We go back home, get pampered and eat all the good home cooked food we can. Feels like it’s been ages trying to fetch a good meal.

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A good time to run-away from all the responsibilities that come your way. How can we forget the class CR’s, a good relaxation break for them too. They have been working really hard during the classes. The rest of the class? Trust me they must have balled all their guts out for summoning their energy to take their lectures.

For the freshers 2018? A cute weekend after their Fresher’s Party, to relax their knee joints after dancing their bums out.This break is the time to all the re-unions for the high school friendships, gossiping about the hot guy in college to the girl best friend you tend to hate the most. Discussions about the festivals, competitions, societies, faculty, relationships and the best caf√©’s for hanging out, there’s so much on everybody’s platter.

Let’s talk about the brightest kids? It’s like a time lapse for them to cover up everything they have already done and to get everything on tips so that they get good with lessons and can fetch the best grades in college. They’ll know everything including what they are not even supposed too.How can I forget about the low running budgets everybody had after the parties?¬†Getting a good leverage from the nutshell of money is the best feeling ever. It makes you feel alive and rich and healthy again. Doesn’t it?

The kids who have been travelling to college every day from far away places, they’ll get a break from being the lone adventure trying to look into every single place they’ve come across.

Talking about stoners ,for them it must have been a good detoxifying week 😀

Last but not the least, Delhi waale toh apne hi hai, it doesn’t make much difference, fetch them some more valuable time to go for a good whole body rejuvenation spa giving and taking feels of heaven.

Me? Totally wasted!

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