How To Be A Productive Netizen In A Growing World Of Technology When Pressure Of Academics Is Accelerating Concurrently?

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Gone are the days when classrooms were the prime sources catering to the learning needs of a student. As we are breathing in a rapidly evolving world full of technicalities, the classrooms are not just confined within a four walled room. Having access to multiple sources of information and facts helps a student’s knowledge.Surrounded with multiple number of gadgets, the curiosity to try and explore them accelerates concurrently with the increasing pressure of academics and more importantly to score marks. Now the need of the hour is ‘what and when to prioritize first?’ The internet or academics? 

As the curiosity to explore the latest technology increases with the doubling pressure of academics, the students are often stuck with the dilemma of what to prioritize first – the internet or academics. Not just the students, even parents are often left with blank answers as more or less everyone is aware of how crucial it is to maintain cordial relations with internet and studies in today’s age. To answer this highly subjective question one needs to move ahead with an equally practical solution. The solution to this is to be a productive netizen. 90% of our time is spent on the internet be it for work, studies or entertainment so why not contribute something and gain something useful out of it?

Following are a few pointers that can be helpful

  • Try to balance the use of Netflix both for entertainment and information
  • Follow those accounts that connect you with the current affairs of the world
  • Read about various courses offered on Coursera,Edx and other websites.
  • Pick an hour to watch stand up comedy shows
  • Use your social media handles to showcase your talent, be it singing, painting, illustrating, writing, photography etc
  • Follow art pages and take a dip into the ocean of perspectives
  • Read about your favourite artists
  • Watch documentaries related to your academics
  • Watch interviews
  • Read Quora
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Academics are a crucial part of our life but one can’t neglect the internet so why not use it productively? Therefore, it’s more about finding a balance between the two rather than finding answers to what and when to prioritize. So dear readers, don’t let your learning stop with getting academic degrees as it will make you literate but timely access and adopting technology will make you a productive netizen.

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