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How To Manage College Along With Your Hobbies

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Hobbies are an integral part of our personality. We all have something or the other which we really like to do in our free time. Maybe you discovered it when you were a kid, or maybe as a curious teenager, however, it becomes really difficult to keep up with these hobbies as a college student, especially if you’re not a member of some college society.

For college students, even getting out of bed to attend an 8:00 am lecture is a dreadful task. Besides, students living independently in PGs or flats have too many daily chores piling up on their to-do list every day, others are either caught up in studies, project work or completing assignments. In such little time, how can you pursue your dreams, make time for yourself and your hobbies?

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Waking up just 1 hour earlier few times a week could prove to be really productive. Mornings are the best time to explore yourself because your mind is relaxed and your to-do list for the day is still empty. Spend your mornings doing something creative, catching up on your guitar lessons or, reading that book you left midway, or just doing what you love in general.

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We may make excuses and say that we do not have enough time, but none of us are productive every minute of the day. We all do waste some part of the day hanging out at cafes, scrolling through Instagram or napping after classes. That is one reason why you should make your hobbies a habit. Take out some of your free time and make your hobbies a part of your schedule.

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There must be some person you know who shares the same interests as you. If you don’t know somebody like that in real life, then go online! There are various websites and platforms for similar people to meet. Make that person as your hobby partner, and spend time learning new things relating to your interests from them.


We all hate to admit it, but we spend a considerable amount of time scrolling through social media or binge watching our favourite TV shows. In order to pursue your dreams, you need to commit to it and a big part of this commitment would be shutting down your mobile phones and finding happiness in your hobbies and rediscovering your talent.


Throughout the day, at many instances, you would realise that you have nothing to do, maybe while waiting for somebody to show up for lunch, while travelling in the metro to college, or maybe during the breaks between lectures. Don’t just wait for time to pass, use this in-between time to think about your interests, look into your plans and or just try to look for inspiration. This would help you get clarity on what you want to do in future, relating to your hobbies.


Lastly, make sure you enjoy what you are doing, this is not a task, it’s a hobby!

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