How To Utilize Your Metro Travelling Time In a Productive Way?

Travelling daily from home to college and then back from college to home is surely exhausting. 


A lot of students living in the Delhi-NCR region prefer to commute through the metro since it is convenient, reliable and cheap, but unfortunately they are not able to make the most out of the long time they spend travelling by it on a regular basis.

Here are few things you can do to make your traveling time productive-


Have a busy day with a lot of work to complete? Plan your day in advance when you are travelling so that it is easier for you to manage and prioritize your work and set preferences accordingly. This will make your life more organised.


You may feel the urge to procrastinate small, insignificant tasks but if you leave them for later then surely they add up to your workload.  Thus, one should try to complete small errands such as sending e-mails, writing applications, finishing pending assignments, circulating important information in the class group, etc while travelling so that later you have spare time to do heavy work as well.


Knowledge is power. Try to read newspapers, books, journals, magazine, novels, etc during your commute so that you are well aware of the current affairs as well as to escape from your hectic reality for a little while.


Listen to songs, browse YouTube, watch movies, or even start a new web series! These things will keep you hooked throughout your journey and you will never get bored.


Away from all the commotion of work and home, try to be at peace with your mind and yourself and reflect on the decisions you’ve been making and all the bad and good things you’ve been experiencing. You can even write your thoughts in a diary and take a break from social media. After all, we all need ample time for introspection in today’s hectic world to take care of ourselves properly.


If you’re traveling with your friends, you should interact with them and try to get to know their perspective about different things as well. Ask them about their day and try to relate to them in any possible way. This surely acts as a stress buster and you also bond well with each other.


Rest is as important as all our work. Try to catch the sleep you missed for your 8:30 am lecture while going to college or rest while you’re coming back home after a busy day. This will undoubtedly rejuvenate you and make you more active for the remaining day.

Thus, instead of wasting precious time casually, one should try to utilize it efficiently while travelling in order to become more systematic and punctual.

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