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IIM Calcutta is one of India’s leading institutes for management studies. Despite the pandemic, IIM Calcutta has successfully completed its summer internship placements for the batch of 2022 on 28th November 2020. Days after, IIM Kozhikode and IIM Lucknow managed to place all of their students as well.

The entire internship placement process was carried virtually for the first time with all the students and the corporates participating from their homes. 139 firms participated in the placement process, out of which 43 were the first time recruiters to IIM Calcutta, for 473 participating students.

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The hiring trends this year were well distributed across various sectors. While Consulting, Finance, and BFSI accounted for 40% of offers, 32% of the students will do their internships in General Management and Sales & Marketing roles, and the remaining 28% of students will join Operations, Product Management, E-Commerce, and Startups.

The internship placements of IIM Calcutta happened in three clusters based on the core business competencies of the firm.

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  • Cluster 1

Cluster 1 consisted of five cohorts which included top firms in Private Equity, Investments, Venture Capital firms, Management Consulting, and offers at international locations. 180 students were placed across 35 firms in the cluster, Accenture being the top recruiter with 21 offers.

  • Cluster 2

The second cluster that was scheduled for 26th November 2020, hosted 60 firms offering 80 roles in Conglomerates, FMCG, Consumer Services, Software Services, E-Commerce, and Consumer Durables cohorts. 171 students got placed in the cluster with Microsoft bagging the top spot making 11 offers for the PM role.

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  • Cluster 3

The third cluster of IIM Calcutta internship placements had 44 firms across Advertising, BFSI, Consulting Services, Power and Utilities, Manufacturing, Hospitality Services, Food Aggregators, and Start-Up cohorts. 122 students got placed in this cluster, thereby bringing remarkable closure to the process.

“The pandemic and economic recession had posed unforeseen challenges. It is heartening to see our students and the placement team rising to the occasion to change the systems, enabling all stakeholders to participate virtually, creating multi-layered coordination and communication channels, and maintaining positivity throughout the process. I am very happy for them. Mission accomplished!” said Professor Abhishek Goel, Chairperson, Placement Committee, IIM Calcutta.


Sonap Garg, a second-year MBA student at IIM Calcutta expressed happiness at this initiative, “Startups present excellent opportunities for MBA students to test and hone their skills while helping the organization to grow. The atmosphere is exciting and full of learning. They are fertile grounds to try out new ideas and apply the management concepts we learn in the classroom. These opportunities are stepping stones for many of us who want to be self-reliant and create new jobs in the country.”

Summer placements at India’s top tier business school got a kick-off start. While IIM Kozhikode, IIM Lucknow, and IIM Calcutta have completed their summer internship placements, all eyes are on IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore. IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore will begin their summer internship placements soon in the arriving days.

Apart from consulting and finance, the backbones at IIMs, e-commerce, health tech, ed tech, and fintech firms actively hired students this year.

Featured Image Credits: Economic Times

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