IIT JEE Exam To Go Online From Next Year
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IIT JEE (Advance) will be completely online from next year onwards. JEE Advance is the gateway to the the prestigious engineering colleges of Indian Institute of Technology. This change has been made to make the evaluation process simplified, transparent and error less. It will eliminate the cases of misprints in question papers otherwise faced in Pen and Paper based examination recently this year where many students objected over some questions in JEE Advance incorrect which ultimately resulted in giving bonus marks to them.

Taking in view all the faults paper based examination possess, the Joint Admission Board (JAB) which is responsible for laying down rules and regulations and examination policy for JEE took this decision on Sunday. Sources confirmed that changes in marking scheme in JEE Advance was also discussed in the meeting.

Taking care of the fact that most Indian Students do not have access to computer practical knowledge, the board has also decided to give the facility of three day training where students will be directed to operate the system and take the online mock tests.

IIT Madras director and JAB chairman Bhaskar Ramamurthi clarified “We have been thinking about going online for last three or four years. Earlier, it didn’t look easy as there were difficulties like a number of places where we can conduct the exam. Now, it looks feasible to conduct online exam for over two lakh candidates”.

Earlier students had an option to take JEE Mains Exam online but now this has been extended to JEE Advance also. In JEE Mains conducted previously only 10% of Lakhs ofstudents opted for online exam. This estimation in itself is capable enough to say that most students will be unhappy from this decision of JAB.


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