India’s obsession with foreign reaction channels : Reddit speaks

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Jaby Koay, Geeks-a-Musing, Indi Rossi, Karolina Goswami are some of the many upcoming youtube channels who are curating content targeted for Indian viewership, usually in the form of reaction videos. They positively react to ‘trendy’ Bollywood movie trailers, their songs or anything else that reflects India as ‘majestic’. A viral Reddit thread thinks that this growing surge of non-Indians reacting to the nation’s hot topics reflects India’s desperation for acceptance in the first world community.

Here are some responses from the Reddit community:

  1. “We’ve always loved false praise no matter how obvious it was. We still share the stupid UNESCO award for best national anthem two decades later unironically.
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    Youtubers and bloggers have realised how easy it is to boost their stats by catering to our ego. So its loop of them flattering us and us asking them for more to stroke our ego.” – notd1g1t

  2. “This is age-old. Some Indians love white validation. I remember this video from some Telugu movie where they show white people as taxi drivers in India and white people doing menial jobs here. The cringe is quite high on that one.” – thenicejerk
  3. “This is clearly colonial residue manifesting as a need for validation. Even examining this interpersonally, one can assume that a partner who seeks excessive validation from a friend/spouse/parent has a deep-seated and often unexplored poor self-concept and self-regard.” – unavailable0819
  4. “I guess we seek some form of validation from our colonisers and foreigners in general. Inherent way of telling them we are no more a third-world country as they stereotype us in their media… In a way, I believe seeing their reactions feeds the nationalistic Indian’s ego…” – HR2501
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    India’s obsession with foreign reaction channels :Reddit speaks
    Image Source – Buzzfeed News

  5. “British, white female here. I love India, I want to learn more. So much to explore and learn. You have an amazing country. Be proud, the western world is a mess right now, pretty embarrassing.” – AstrologyWannabeEmma
  6. “No one ‘begs’ for the videos. There are a lot of Indians of YouTube and hence posting a video on India gets views. It’s as simple as that.” – whoami13072003
  7.  “I guess you find similar content on almost every country. You will find what you are looking for. Just clear your browser’s history and stay clear of that rabbit hole.”- pperfectlifee
  8. “… I don’t see why Indians need to be obsessed with western culture or what makes you think it’s so fantastic about being white. It’s just a trait your either born with or not. In fact, I’m from the Serbian diaspora in Australia and actually want to leave the western world. Because it’s turning into a multicultural shithole full of too many different people hating themselves and wanting to be white so badly. Overall, there’s nothing wrong being proud of who you are. Honestly, I’m kinda happy India is rejecting this bullshit western multiculturalism nonsense that if you want your people to survive and perverse its own culture, language, ethnic characteristics, and ethnicity…” – MiroTheGreatSlav
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What do you think about this Reddit thread?

Is India’s obsession with foreigners a result of deep-seated insecurities or is it just plain curiosity?

Nonetheless, non-Indian YouTubers’ overly positive reactions to anything related to India look phoney. Although, it is understandable a large demographic is favouring these channels to just sit back and talk nicely about them. Easy money!




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