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Migration within DU: A Dream in 2021?

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Every year the number of applicants to the University of Delhi increases substantially. With a 20% increase between 2018 and 2019 and a 53% escalation in 2019-2020, the stats are expected to skyrocket this year as well. Add the ever-rising cutoffs to such high demand, and you might as well be stuck in a third-tier college of the university. A ray of hope amidst this travesty and chaos is the University’s inter-college migration policy.

The migration policy facilitates the movement of students from the college they took admission into another college. This policy, however, doesn’t guarantee a transfer, only offers the possibility of moving up the ranks. 

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Inter-College Migration Criteria 

The University opens the option to students at the start of their second year or third semester. Keep the following in mind:

  • Students from Program courses like B.A. Program and B. Com. Program aren’t permitted to migrate.
  • Students should have passed the examination of the previous two semesters.
  • The migration is not valid for PG students and students in semester 5.
  • Students in regular colleges cannot migrate to the School of Open Learning (SOL) or Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board (NCWEB) or vice versa. 

You will also be required to furnish certain documents:

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  • A No-Objection certificate signed by the college’s authority in charge- both from the student is originally from and the college they wish to attend. 
  • Along with a no-objections certificate, the student has to produce a leaving certificate and also provide a mark sheet.

The Real Chance Of Migration 

Despite these well laid-out rules, the actual chances of migration are abysmally low. The entire idea behind inter-college migration is to fill the seats in colleges in case the students drop out or move to another college in the university. But if you factor in the increased number of applicants, most colleges are already functioning at 10-20% extra capacity. In such cases, even if a student drops out the college may not need to validate migration. 

There’s also the belief that migration is fundamentally unfair; students with lower CBSE Class 12th scores should not be migrating to colleges with higher cutoffs. It’s also unmerited as other students with the same scores might not be able to migrate. This prejudice might also prevent students from shifting colleges. Due to the same reason, some colleges irrespective of seat count might not sign off on migration. 

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Then there is the “will my own college allow me to migrate?”

There have been instances when colleges have approved the movement of students with lower scores rather than those with a better mark sheet. Most colleges don’t want to lose their high-scoring kids to alternate colleges, so your scores might not play a role in boosting your chances of a shift. 

So there’s a good chance that your college might stop you from moving. 

Why this policy exists even though it’s basically impossible to execute is a question for the ages.

Migration Testimonials

On a brighter note, let’s look at testimonials from a student who did make it across the seas to the land where migration is feasible. 

“I’m not going to lie, the migration process was really difficult. Getting the incharges to sign off wasn’t as hard as calling a thousand people and requesting forms and appointments. In the end, it was worth it but it might not be the case for everyone.”

–Student from the Class of 2021

For the sake of anonymity, the student asked for their name to be redacted, but the point they made is valid. If the odds are in your favour, you might just have a shot at migrating to a college of your choice, but chances stay slim.

2021’s No Odds Of Migration

Unlike other years, 2021 comes with added ambiguities and problems. An important part of migration requires students to provide mark sheets of both the semesters of their first year. But with the first semester results out for only a week, no sign of the second semester’s report card and an expedited start to the third semester from this Monday (August 16, 2021), the University has practically “backed” students into a corner with nil chance of migration. The migration forms haven’t been released either, even though the deadline to fill forms was open only till 31st July, 2021.

Considering all factors, one cannot help but wonder if the university is trying to make this unfair policy unofficially redundant, but officially still on the books for students to remain hopeful about.

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