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Internships-Gateway Towards Job

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Too young for jobs but also want to gain some industry experience besides your graduation? Well in that case probably internships are your cure-all to these questions. Graduation time is the period when you can build your career or rather commence the building,the time when your skills and work needs to be acknowledged as internships nowadays are no longer restricted to only fetch a cup of coffee but more than that. But probably many students miss this chance due to the “unpaid stipend” but remember you don’t always get paid for your internships but do get the acknowledgement which is probably more crucial.Internships are not your fixed jobs but to get your foot in the door for your job and an X factor which can uplift your resume.Below are some of the reasons that why one should go for internships:

  1. Professional environment : As i mentioned earlier also internships are not only limited with getting your hands only on coffee and getting yourself clicked with captions #internships. One gets to experience the professional environment and gain actual work experience and also experience to work under pressure and hectic schedules.
  2. Networks : When you get to work as an professional intern, you tend to explore more, get more oppertunities to attend professional meetings and events and meet the intellectuals. Also some internships provides you later with job oppertunites depending upon your performance.
  3. CV Upliftment : Not to mention, it does boost your cv and we all are aware of the fact that what position a resume holds. And you need good work experience for your cv and for that you need to work. A good resume with good skills adds positively towards your professional career.
  4. Confidence builder : When you start working as a professional you automatically tend to boast up your confidence and also self satisfaction. You learn how to work in a specific manner and work ethics.

Well there are a lot more pros for getting yourself indulged with an internship but the question is how to get the internships?

  • College plays a vital role in finding you an internship.Make sure you attend all the seminars and counselling sessions related to career or jobs taking place in your college.
  • Keep in touch with your seniors as probably they will be having a wider knowledge than you in the internship or job sector.
  • Be updated to the websites that regularly publish internships or job posts.
  • Visit job fairs which are often organised by firms and large companies for recruitment process.
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