Introverts and Friendships at Delhi University!

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Imagining college life as happening as full of fests, parties, get together, societies can be enticing for many. However, there lies a minority which tends to diverge from this concept of college life. The minority socially termed as introverts. I for one belong to the same.

My first year was mostly keeping a book in hand and all my lunches to myself. As much as I love my own company, the yearning to have that ‘cool group’ always bothered me. Whilst initiating small conversation is not my forte, the fact that I have to sit alone made me feel inferior day by day. However, phrases to “push your boundaries” “get out of your comfort zones” twirled in my mind day and night. With all my might I tried to talk to people but to no luck, I kept on revolving around groups and people without having to have my own identity. I ended up being where I started with one addition of realisation of my choices. The acceptance of me being an introvert and not having to change that.

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It is understandable to find societies overwhelming, but who said one has to necessarily take part in them. On the other hand, it is also generally perceived that people who are not really “people’s person” cannot adjust in society. I would like to break this myth and would like to tell you that I was the general secretary of my department. The basic difference an introvert and extrovert lies in their choices. An introvert rejuvenates when they are alone, however, an extrovert rejuvenates by talking to people. Both notions are fulfilling their own way and represent your true self. If you find your solace having a cup of coffee in the corner of chaupal doesn’t make you less of a cool person than someone partying all night. A person being part of numerous societies might as well sit to himself during lunch, does not make him less skilled or cold. Apart from this if you’re not good at small talk, chill! Doesn’t turn you into a cold, rude creature. Stop beating yourself for not having to be so outgoing. The foremost thing that I learnt in the past year is that pleasing everyone doesn’t get you good friendships nor does having a huge group. But a strong bond with two or three can surely make things better. Even one book can

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The atmosphere that Delhi University has with all the events might get you overwhelmed to have a cool group of friends. Where an antonymous perspective can be that Delhi University also gives one the liberty to find their true self and be that. Nobody is going to judge you if you’re walking, someone might come and talk to you not knowing your background. But it surely gives you the opportunity to explore and the time to find the right people ‘YOUR PEOPLE’

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Mallika Barsaley
A 2nd-year student pursuing B.A.Programme with a knack of writing. A budding journalist and an all-time explorer. General Secretary of B.A.Programme Association of Kamala Nehru College.

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