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Introverts In The World Of Extroverts : How to Survive ?

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College life is possibly one of the best phase of life,it is these three years which teach us a lot that goes a long way in our lives. From the protective environment of the school building to the carefree campus area,from the support of school teachers to the guidance of seniors,everything changes.

The college offers a wide variety of opportunities to its students to explore various avenues there are various college societies,groups,cells,internship opportunities available to the college students which help them to come out of their shell of shyness and remove their hesitation.

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It is this conditioning and grooming which college does to us that after three years we become a much more interactive,social and impressive person than we earlier were. So thinking about it,one question that often pops up is “ How is this all going to happen?”
Well,it is not going to happen on its own,you need to give your efforts and time into it, It is often more difficult for the ‚Äúintroverts‚Äù to face the world and socialize with them and many times their quiet and calm personality is misunderstood as “one who does not want to talk?‚Äù

However, the real picture is different,the introverts unlike extroverts are hesitant to go and socialize with strangers. They keep their opinions to themselves and does not believe in making people know who they actually are.This often makes them lonely in a world which never stops talking.

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So if any introvert feels like it is a time to change their role from a listener to a speaker they need to follow certain basic steps which will help them change their image in the college.

Take The Initiative To Start A Discussion-

Going out to someone and saying “Hello” is not considered to be a trait of introverts. So,if you being an introvert manage to do this thing then you are in the right track. If you are hesitant doing it initially,just begin with a smile on your face when you see someone from your class or your senior. Do not worry,once you do it they will also smile back in return. It seems simple but a really effective technique for those who feel shy to talk.

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Talk About Yourself-

The best way to know someone is to ask someone about their likes and dislikes. But many a times we are hesitant about asking someone about their choices. So in this case start with yourself tell them about your choices and share your experience with them. The other person will listen to you and would naturally be inclined to join you and share something about him/her. Well, when you see this happening stop and listen to them,give them time to say what they want to. All this will make sure you end up having a conversation rather than you just bragging about yourself and other person getting bored.

Be A Good Listener-

Well,one of the qualities of an introvert is that they speak less and listen more ,especially in a place like college. So now it is time for you to change yourself from a listener to a good listener. It means you need to start observing people,this will help you to see how they carry themselves in the society. Do not copy them blindly just learn some good traits from them. This will help you to be a person who knows how to socialize with others and what is to be said when and where.

Join A College Society-

People,the best part of college life is joining a college society. Not only a college society will give you an opportunity to enhance your skills but also it will give you the experience of organizing an event. Everything from refreshments to sponsors,everything is to be arranged by you and you learn a lot through the college society. For introverts it is an opportunity to meet new people and make friends. It will help them to get to know more people, learn to present themselves in front of the audience and know the art of networking.

Do Not Be Scared-

Well,it is obvious on your part to be nervous while facing strangers in the college. But you just need to be confident enough to face them . Many a times you will be overpowered by others. If you ever face such a situation do not feel dejected,it is not your fault . Instead you need to face the situation,if someone tries to dominate you just ask them to, let you finish first, and prove the point which you want to prove . This will neither sound offensive nor will it restrict you from completing your point.

In the end,I would say-being an introvert in a world that talks a lot is a difficult experience and if you are looking for a change in your personality,college is the best time to make it happen.
All The Best!
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