Jamia Girls Protest Against Professor Accused Of Sexual Harassment;Two Girls Allegedly Beaten Up
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Harassment by professors isn’t new in universities and the administration has always had an upper-hand in dealing with cases.

Two girl students of Jamia Millia Islamia were allegedly beaten on Thursday during a protest against a professor who is facing various charges, including sexual harassment.
In an ongoing protest, women students of Jamia Millia Islamia University gathered in the campus against the head of department (HOD) of the applied arts department for allegedly sexually and mentally harassing them. After eight days of continuous demonstration and two days of hunger strike, the girls claim that on Thursday, as the students were waiting for the HOD to speak to them, they were beaten up. According to SheThePeopleTv said a statement released by the Pinja Tod collective “He came out after sometime, accompanied by goons who assaulted students. Several women students were thrashed too. A master’s female student was beaten up by the gundas and she is currently in hospital right now. And all this happened in the front of administration,”

The students have claimed that they even went to complain to the college’s Internal Complaints Committee about the HOD, but the committee did not accept their claims and did not take up the report a few months back. Then he allegedly got to know who the students were and then resorted to unfair marking in their exams.

The professor, however, said the allegations were “fabricated”. Ahmed claimed he was attacked by a mob on Thursday evening in the campus. “For five hours, I was locked in my department today. When I moved out with security, I was attacked. I have no idea about these girls having beaten up”

Now the Proctor has told the protesting students that the administration has sent the HOD on an indefinite leave. Also, the students who started beating the girls have been suspended.


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