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Jesus and Mary College (JMC) is one of the best colleges affiliated to the University of Delhi, inclusive of over fifteen well-known courses in commerce and liberal arts and specialisation in other subjects of your mere choice. It was founded in 1968  by the Sisters of Jesus and Mary Congregation. It also is the place of marticulation of several powerful, independent and outstanding women of today, like Priyanka Gandhi and Louis Fernandes.


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It is located in the lush green and posh of Chanakyapuri, with a proximity to the Ring Road making it easily accessible, yet its location ensures a safe distance from the cacophony of the city. Offering 15 courses in liberal arts and commerce, inclusive of sociology, history, philosophy and psychology. Mathematics is also a sought-after subject, along with economics, as well as language specialisations in English and Hindi, also  elementary education, which gives a student the efficient platform to grow and branch out upon. Lately, JMC has stylised the system of offering a combination of subjects in BA Programming so as to give exposure to students by preaching two language along with a main subject of expertise and a general knowledge-like subject or languages with a subject like Computers, which would increase their knowledge to doubles.


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JMC is well-connected by several major bus routes like 724, 442 and 740 which end at Nehru Place and specifically pass via JMC with their respective bus stops. The closest metro station is Race Course on the Yellow Line, which gives the students to experience the use of Delhi metro and its safe facilities as well.



JMC is best known for the spectacular performances of Kahkasha (The Dramatic Society), Mudra (Dance Society) , The Western Music Society and Tarannum (Indian Music Society). They also have an active Womens Development Cell, National Service Scheme (NSS) programme and also many more societies to polish young entrepreneurs like that of E-Cell. Apart from these, the college also hosts mid-semester departmental festivals to give students an opportunity to excel in their respective fields as well as others of those which host events.


11227635_1019047991460372_9065595921580594177_nMudra, The Western Dance Society



Kahkasha, The Dramatics Society


jmc-1Ecovantage, JMC






image1(1)NSS Mela




Hang Outs

With their college in the heart of South Campus, you will find JMC girls usually hanging out at Café Coffee Day on Sardar Patel Marg between classes, chilling in the Satya Niketan market, or just enjoying a fresh plate of delicacies from their own canteen. Since it has a central location, students can also go to places like Hauz Khas, Khan Market or Sarojini Nagar Market when in urgency of great food or street-shopping respectively.







Hena, Through The Looking Glass
I was never really a reserved child at the time of my graduation from school, even if I was raised up as pampered as ever, reason being I was the only daughter and I was in a convent school. My father always wanted me to go to a College affiliated to the Delhi University and my mother was in awe of private colleges, whilst, like any other kid, I was confused and stuck. My marks were pretty good so I was fine with anything that gave me a chance to work on and improve my marketing skills and give me a platform for a promising future. Let’s call it clear destiny that odds went in my father’s favour and I got into JMC. Upcoming years of convent again, I sighed. Somehow I got myself together and looked forward to the first day. Ever since then, till date, I don’t regret going ahead and giving this a shot because this college has branched out the best in me, literally. I’ve always had a passion of writing, and here, I’ve gotten an opportunity to present my work before people. Not only that, the teachers are so friendly so, one would feel like they’re literally being taught and no time is going wasted. Lectures can be boring sometimes, but the best part is that the teacher is very well aware of the interests of the students, so much so that she dismisses the class if the students are mentally exhausted because of the previous lectures. God forbid me if I’m making this up , because I really am not. The campus is beautiful, the location has always been my favourite as my school is also just some lanes away, so I feel like home. Besides that, the students can honestly be some drama but at the end of the day, what matters is how far I’ve gotten, not how many people have I left behind or let gone ahead of me. The college has helped me sprout my marketing skills as well, teaching me computers simultaneously for and as I had opted. It has helped me thrive my journey as a helpless and clueless 17-year-old to an almost human being of 19-year-old in no time and with inexplainable changes. It has widen my views about life and people. And most importantly, it has taught me to feel hungry for standing out than merging in the crowd, because for a student of our age, knowing ourself and our capabilities is the primary focus in life, than the drama and mess. That does not ask you of becoming a nerd. It asks you of becoming efficient and aware of your potential and have confidence in all that you do, because by the end of the day, you’re the only one who’s going to face the real world, alone.

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