JNU Student Union Coloured Red,Left Front Makes A Clean Sweep By Winning All 4 Posts
Image Source-NDTV

The United Left alliance clean sweeped the elections of Jawaharlal Nehru University of Delhi. The left alliance(AISA, SFI and DSF) retained all the four seats of the students’ union. RSS-backed ABVP was defeated with large margins where 1512 NOTA votes were polled and 19 votes were discarded.

Geeta Kumari, candidate of United Left  (AISA) won the president’s post by defeating Nidhi Tripathi of ABVP with a difference of 464 votes. Simone Zoya Khan of AISA became the Vice -president . She defeated Durgesh of ABVP by a margin of 846 votes. Duggirkala Srikrisha,  again of left(SFI), won the seat of general secretary  with 2082 votes by defeating Nikunj Makwana of ABVP by a huge difference of 1107 votes and Shubhanshu Singh(DSF) won the post of joint -secretary by a difference of 835 votes between him and Pankaj Keshari of ABVP. Congress backed NO stayed at there this place.

Geeta Kumari,after the results said, “ The credit for the mandate goes to students because people still believe that democratic spaces should be saved and right now,the only resistance is from students.”

She promises to take up the issue of JNU seat cuts, new hostels and the Najeeb issue while saving the autonomy of JS-CASH and deprivation points.Duggirkala also promised to defeat the aggressive policies of ABVP.  

According to election officials,total of 31 counsellors have been elected for various posts.


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