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Just BUS Things

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BUS! Nobody knows how convenient it is to travel in a bus more than a DU student. Specifically speaking, a south campus/off campus student.

Here are some bus time jitters of emotions for you all.

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Feelings changing drastically from that of travelling in a bus reduces a person’s status (sorry not sorry), to being utterly excited when travelling in a bus, to a gloom taking over just when you are about to reach your destination just because bus rides excite and thrill so much.

The moment when you get on a bus for the first time to when you buy that first ticket (yeah, I still have it. Nojudging please. I am an emotional garbage collector) to when you actually are able to help someone asking you about a particular route. Such feels!

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Acting stupid and drunk when travelling with a friend (who does not actually drink at all ironically; I hope YOU know I’m talking about you).

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Travelling with that one irritating friend who specifically wants to get on a red bus; it’s a compulsion, even if that means waiting for a long time to get a bus. (Who is that you ask? Me? No! Pfft!)

From feeling evil when not buying the ticket to feeling special when somebody vacates a seat for you.

From finding a me-time to reading a book or saving Youtube videos to watch in the bus; from catching up on songs and friends to just staring out of the bus window (thinking about life!)


Aunties saying, “beta/bhai sahab zaraa uth jaiye” just pisses me off!

Another thing that irritates me- The bus drivers not stopping the bus AT THE STOP but just somewhere in the middle of the road and NOT stopping completely. Man! Calm down!


And while I’m writing this, listening to songs, occasionally staring out of the window to come across as quite the contemplative type, I smile a little. I feel a new rush of excitement.


Emotions? Bus gives it all!

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