Kasturba Gandhi Junior College Announces Scholarship In The Name Of Mithali Raj
Image Source-The Better India

Years ago, it was proved by Indians that they can also play cricket very well. This year with the achievements of Indian women cricket team, the myth has been proved to be a myth that women can not play cricket.Kasturba Gandhi Junior college, Hyderabad  has announced a scholarship scheme for the girl students in the name of Mithali Raj, captain of Indian women cricket team and this year K Sanskruthi of MPC stream  is going to be endowed by this scholarship. Being the alumni of the college she was welcomed by the college and felicitated after announcing a scholarship for girl students in the field of sports in her name.

This is really a matter of proud that in the society  where women were and are supposed to sit at home and do all the household works but when comes to go outside or do something outside the four walls they are considered as weak.

As said by the captain,” Those were the days when no one joins the cricket team and i had to represent the team of my college in which some hockey as well as basket ball players were also there. I am extremely thankful to my teachers for having trust on me and for giving me the opportunity to represent my college team.”

As added by the captain, ” every girl should get support to fulfil her dreams.”

This step of kasturba Gandhi college is surely going to give wings to the dreams of the little girls who also wish to play cricket but stopped by saying, ” Ye to choro ka khel hai, choriyan ke haath me to balle ke jaisa dikhne wala belan hi achcha lagta hai.” This is going to be a great step in changing mindset of such kind of people.

But this is the need that more institutions like kasturba Gandhi Junior college come forward  and more such steps should be taken so that we can have more players like Mithali Raj, Geeta Phogat, P.V. sindhu, Sania Mirza, etc. in the field of sports.


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