Kawalpreet Kaur – AISA’s DU President Allegedly Slapped And Harassed By ABVP Workers At Kirorimal College

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Kawalpreet Kaur – President of All India Student’s Association (AISA) was allegedly slapped and harassed by ABVP workers at Kirori Mal College.The incident took place when she along with her two friends were in the college to meet a professor and she encountered such violence. She was allegedly followed by four of the ABVP workers when they joined their friends in the ongoing campaigning which was happening in the KMC campus.

According to her,she and her friends were constantly being commented on by those ABVP workers and were also being threatened to move out of college and when they resisted to do so,the ABVP workers started hurling abuses and humiliation at her which forced her to slap that guy.She was allegedly slapped by that guy in return.

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In a conversation with DU Express,Kawalpreet said “The guy slapped me so hard that I lost my balance for seconds and I had tears in my eyes.After this that guy ran away and my friend Dhiraj ran to get hold of him,he was surrounded by at least 12-15 ABVP workers just before the college main gate.They assaulted him brutally until a Professor stopped them and rescued Dhiraj.Dhiraj is undergoing an X-ray test at Hindu Rao hospital.Immediately after this one of my other friend Prasenjit called up the police as I broke down in tears after which the police came.”

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After when she posted the whole incident on facebook, many people emerged out with anger through their comments regarding the whole scenario.Kawalpreet gained a lot of support online but at the same time was abused as people called her a ‘randi’ and what not.

There is this amazing thing about being a victim of harassment that you are expected to repeat entire story again to…

Kawalpreet Kaur ‡≤Ö‡≤µ‡≤∞‡≤ø‡≤LJ≤¶ ‡≤à ‡≤¶‡≤ø‡≤®‡≤¶‡≤LJ≤¶‡≥Å ‡≤™‡≥ã‡≤∏‡≥ç‡≤ü‡≥ç ‡≤Ƈ≤æ‡≤°‡≤≤‡≤æ‡≤ó‡≤ø‡≤¶‡≥Ü ‡≤∂‡≥Ň≤ï‡≥ç‡≤∞‡≤µ‡≤æ‡≤∞, ‡≤Ö‡≤ó‡≤∏‡≥ç‡≤ü‡≥ç 31, 2018

On asking further about the incident that does she know anybody among them who assaulted her and did anyone come to her rescue she told us ‚ÄúThe guards encouraged ABVP members when they were assaulting me.I just want to say to everyone that all these attacks won‚Äôt put us down.We will fight the humiliation and wouldn‚Äôt be bow down by these attacks. I was told later that they were Mohit Dahiya, Sandeep Sharma, and others are still unidentified.”

These are two Goondas. Jahan mile to police ko Sampark kare. They are on run.

Kawalpreet Kaur ‡≤Ö‡≤µ‡≤∞‡≤ø‡≤LJ≤¶ ‡≤à ‡≤¶‡≤ø‡≤®‡≤¶‡≤LJ≤¶‡≥Å ‡≤™‡≥ã‡≤∏‡≥ç‡≤ü‡≥ç ‡≤Ƈ≤æ‡≤°‡≤≤‡≤æ‡≤ó‡≤ø‡≤¶‡≥Ü ‡≤∂‡≥Ň≤ï‡≥ç‡≤∞‡≤µ‡≤æ‡≤∞, ‡≤Ö‡≤ó‡≤∏‡≥ç‡≤ü‡≥ç 31, 2018

On asking ABVP about the allegations made,Ashutosh Singh,ABVP State Media Convenor rejected the allegations and denied having any link with the guy who slapped Kawalpreet “Kawalpreet kaur went KMC today. She fell in an argument with a first year student of KMC and not only this also verbally and physically assaulted him. He in revert and completely out of aggression slapped her. And this guy doesn’t belong to ABVP. And Mohit Dahiya who is our unit president of KMC didn’t do anything still Kawalpreet with the malafide intention of blaming ABVP and in order to harm our image is blaming mohit dahiya for this incident. She is doing it only to gain advantage and fame as DUSU elections are nearby.”

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