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How To Keep Money In Your Pocket

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As an outstation student of Delhi University, being broke is quite a natural phenomenon. To make things worse, the sparsity of money is ushered by the feeling of helplessness and despair. These are five life saving hacks that could brushen up your penny pinching skills.

1. Make a Budget

du express college students budget life

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This really helps! Spawn a way of spending your money wisely. Allocate a specific amount to each requirement. Ensure that your expenditure doesn’t exceed the set limit.

2. Keep a Track of Your Expenditure

We tend to spend money lavishly and then end up being clueless about how it shelled out. Noting your daily expense at the end of the day helps you to keep a track of it. There are a lot of apps which can serve the purpose.

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3. Paid Internships

du express internships

There are a lot of internships which pay you for your job. You can browse the web and apply online. You can work from home too! This is a smart way to add value to your wallet and CV!

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4. Spend Wisely


We should learn to invest our money on productive stuff instead of spending on fast food, we can go for fruits and sprouts. These are healthy alternatives which can be consumed on several occasions. Preferring metro to auto or a cab to travel also serves the purpose.

5. Save

du express students budget life

To conclude, it is high time that we learn to save. They say,” a penny saved, OS a penny earned”. You can start with a meagre amount which would eventually grow. A bit of penny pinching could help you to seal the deal!

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