Keshav Mahavidyalaya Students Accuse Principal Of Threatening Them For Releasing An Online Form To Establish Students Union

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“We are fighting for our right, it’s not a crime, is it?” asked a student of Keshav Mahavidyalaya, an off campus college of University of Delhi. The college for years has not had its own student union. In a bid to create a union, students have launched a google form to ask everyone in college to write about their complaints and grievances.

The move spread among students to such a large extent that the principal of the college, Madhu Pruthi, who does not want a union to be created, used the google form as a means to threaten the students to take the form down, in lieu of which, she would call the police alleged the protesting students. Not only this, she also released an official message warning students not to fill the form, claiming that it stands in clear violation of privacy, could be dangerous, especially for the female students, and could be used for extortion and blackmail.

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Keshav Mahavidyalaya Students Alleges Principal Of Threatening Them For Releasing An Online Form To Establish Students Union

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The students had created the form in an attempt to understand the problems faced by their colleagues, so that they could push forward their motive of establishing a student union.

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“The teachers have a union, all stakeholders of the college except students have a union. Why shouldn’t we? It is our right to have a student’s union in college to cater to our grievances and we will fight for it,” another student exclaimed.

Students belonging to previous batches of Keshav Mahavidyalaya had also pushed to establish a union but were suppressed by the administration as well were devoid of any support from the teachers. The current batch emerged as a product of the teachers strike against privatization. When the students joined the teachers in their protests, the agenda of a students union came into action. When the students decided to fight for it, the teachers backed them up with full support.

As of now, the feeling of fear, insecurity, and extreme apprehension revolves among students. No one wishes to become the Student Representative in fear of being avenged by the administration. On Monday, 26th March, the students and teachers will be having a meeting to inform students of the safety of the form as well as attempt to plan the future course of the protest.

We at DU Express feels strongly in support of the Students Union in order to have appropriate student representation in administrative matters and to highlight the issues faced by students of the college.

Note : The screenshot of the response in Google form has been provided to DU Express by the protesting students.DU Express doesn’t assure of its authenticity and the liability to prove its authenticity lies totally on the protesting students.

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