Lady Shri Ram College For Women Organizes A Happening Diwali Mela-Noor 2017
Image Source-NSS LSR Facebook Page

As the festival of Diwali is right around the corner, we see how several Delhi University colleges are attempting to spread happiness in the form of Diwali Melas. These Diwali melas are part of a larger ideology that aims to encapsulate the true essence of the festival-togetherness-as opposed to all the superficial aspects that we now associate with it. Each of these melas are done by the National Service Scheme(NSS) of the respective colleges to bring joy and day of pure bliss to the many kids that continue to be neglected by society in many ways.


On Saturday,Lady Shri Ram College for Women hosted their annual Diwali mela- Noor. Noor was more than just an event, it was a journey. With each passing day, to witness the amount of effort that is put in by all students of the college in some way or another and then to finally watch the great impact that it had on the children of varied age groups was beyond beautiful. If one were to walk around the event, they would see nothing but a sea full of smiles running across faces of all those present as they realise that they have become part of a movement towards forming a collective that promotes togetherness and love.

Lady Shri Ram College For Women Organizes A Happening Diwali Mela-Noor 2017
Image Source-NSS LSR Facebook Page

The mela itself was pumped by the constant flow of energy that presented itself into multiple forms like smell of freshly baked cakes, the enthusiasm of the flash mob, the classic magic show, the dance at the DJ, the numerous games where everyone was a winner, the decorations, the beautifully stocked stalls and finally, the overflow of love. The college was like a canvas that was home to all possible colours.

The best part of such an initiative is that we are not only helping these kids but we are giving them a day of fun. When we go and give something for charity, the recipient knows that many times it’s coming from a place of pity. But when we have fun with them and play games with them they know they have won something and not just received a handout. It’s different and it gives a sense of dignity to them. Infant, everyone who walked into college that day was content watching kids forget everything and just be kids.

So, this Diwali let us go back and capture it’s true essence all over again to help build a better society.


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