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College Diaries : Lady Shri Ram College For Women

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Facts about Faculty 

An uptight professional faculty to get your juices flowing. More than happy to help at all hours. And cooperative and advising Always.

Unity in Diversity 

It’s a very clich√© point though,but since all clich√©s are true,so is this one. LSR is perhaps,a plethora of diverse and bright girls.We have it all – from the girl with the dragon tattoo to the beautiful Medusa (not cursed though 😉

All so different yet each other’s strength at all times.


Have you heard The Nescafe for the connoisseurs of coffee has gotten a new look?

And that Campus cat begets new kitties and dogs and their pups continue to make our days brighten up

Canteen Oops ! Don’t offend the LSRites.I mean caf√© continues to serve reasonable good food. Healthy perhaps,good chicken chowmien and best Dosa and so much.Oh! And the Lady behind counter is so kind. She always smiles at me. 🙂

Phew! I think I’ve told you enough.

Besides studies

What would you like?

Morning awesomeness that comes with practice of the NSO girls or brave NCC girls or Greatness of Dramatics fanatics or the hymn by the singers of music society. Well, there’s place for a painter, photographer, Dancer. You know the drill. (Psst. They took me when i thought i was good for nothing, see place for everyone)

Jolly sailor boat

And the boat travels from happening events to euphoric department fests. From superbass performances to worth-it Nukkad nataks.

Transformers- A revenge on your haters. 

Uh! No we don’t turn into Autobots. But spending a part of your life in LSR sure turns you into a you that is not recognizable. From Omg-it’s-an-Ivy-league to I’m-ready-for-bigger-things.

Well,I hope you got the bigger picture.No? It’s one heck of a ride.Duh!

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