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Last College Year: We Know It’s Going To End Soon, Stop Reminding Us!

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“Last semester huh?”, “Last college year dude”, “What are your future plans?”, “What are you gonna do next?”, “Did you get any placements?, “Fill out….” AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Shut up! Shut up! I know it’s my last year, last semester, everyone who is in 3rd year knows it! We have enough of our anxieties to deal with and we can definitely do without the whole world reminding  us that.

It‚Äôs all fun and games in the first two years of college life but as soon as you take that 3rd step, you are suddenly looked at as a full fledged adult who by now must have the whole future charted out. And ‘they’ almost look at you as if you were an outcast if, to any of their life questions your answer is- ‚ÄúI don‚Äôt know‚Äù.

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3rd year students, when in the last semester have a lot to deal with, and here are some of the issues and confusions I personally have:

1. Whether to attend classes regularly or bunk more of ‘em

It’s the last semester and contrary to the beliefs of our parents and unwanted relatives, we are anxious about our futures. The flow of our thoughts is such- “okay dude, last year, you gotta take those grades up” and for that, one needs to attend the maximum classes AND PAY ATTENTION. But the contrary thought is “okay dude, last year, gotta make the maximum memories with buds”. So we just don’t know whether to be in those classes or those local restaurant joints!

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2. Art student? Placements? What?

Yeah, BA students don’t have companies coming to them asking their historic, philosophical, literary views like they go to science and commerce people asking for their scienc-y and commerc-y views. We Literature, History, Pol science students are basically graduating to render ourselves attractively jobless. There is very little(very very little) chance that an art student bags a job in his major as soon as he/she graduates.

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3. Marriage Talks

Believe it or not, this is the time when relatives think you are grown up enough to get married. And this thought, they don‚Äôt keep to themselves. No. They fill your parents’ mind with the thoughts of Shaadi. As if that were not enough, there are your peers who are actually getting engaged or married(congratulations to you all, genuinely) but this is not what‚Äôs on the mind of most people. Now that your parents are indoctrinated with marriage dose, you dare not drop a year or ‚Äútake a break‚Äù. Come on people! We are just out of our second layer of cocoon! Let us breathe for a while?


4. We are scared of/for the future

It’s the time when we have to start preparing for the higher entrances- apart from the fact that we don’t concretely know what is the best place to put our feet in, we are shit scared of the consequences of not making the cut of say Masters’ or MBA’s entrances. Even if you keep the society at bay for a while, the sense of failure and unworthiness that might occupy and haunt us for the rest of our lives is well, enough to give us sleepless nights.


All I am saying is, we have our issues and on the surface they might appear inconsequential, even funny- but only the wearier knows where the shoe pinches and the 3rd year shoes my friends- pinches a lot.

If you are in 1st/2nd year of college life- enjoy the hell outta it, is all the advise I got for you, if you are in 3rd year- I wanna tell you that I feel you and if you are already a graduate- I know you feel me.

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