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Lessons Of Singlehood : The Single Life

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At some point or the other in life we seek somebody to flatter us, to wish for us, to fight for us and to give us attention. If, you too like me have experienced the phase of Singlehood after a fucked up relationship, then you can really learn a thing or too from this period of solace.

1. It isn’t about being alone,it‚Äôs about being you.


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Many a times, we all have gotten into relationships where we lost ourselves in a haste to please our not-so-significant other. This turned us into a person which we never were. So when you get over that break up it’s about the time you realise that you don’t need to please anybody and can be the person that you actually are.

2. You have more time for yourself and people you care.


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You longer need gratification from your partner to attend your friend‚Äôs parties or for going out on a movie date with your ‚Äúgirl as a friend‚Äù(which is very difficult if you are a guy). You can attend to whoever you want and whenever you want. You don’t need an approval of your partner.

3. You can have other things on your mind that are much more important.

There is no constant nagging or a need to stay on call every night just because the other person wants to talk and you miss out on assignments and classes. You can set your priorities right and work accordingly.

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4.You start relying on your own judgements.

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When you get out of relationship, not only you lose a partner but you lose a second opinion as well which might have proven very beneficial in certain things.Then you begin to rely on your decisions because now they affect only you and you cannot blame anybody for them now.

It’s not like relationships are bad but Singlehood has it’s own lessons to give. All those who are happy in a relationship, a big shout to you and those you are wishing to move into relationships, there is no need for you to be apprehensive. Just go ahead and trust your instincts.

Just remember : Singlehood Rocks!

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