Lets Not Use 'Bura Na Maano Holi Hai' As An Excuse, Here Is A List Of Holi Etiquettes To Follow Tomorrow
Image Source - www.holifestival.org

“Bura na mano holi hai!”¬†though a very celebrated saying yet travestying the actual notion of this vivid festival. Ain’t, a good escape after committing a stupid act? People do need to take into consideration the fact that everything they do isn’t acceptable on the grounds of fun and celebration. So here are some points that one must keep in his/her mind while enjoying this festival of colours.

1. Ask before you do

The concept of consent is very essential to be understood. If a person is not interested in playing with colors or water then just don’t put on them forcefully. Don’t assume that everyone is into holi as much as you are.

2. Be a gentleman

Before dampening your female friends make sure that they are not on their menses. Also make sure you put colors on them in a decent manner that does not make them feel uncomfortable. Enjoy this fiesta in a way that does not make anyone feel vexed.

3. Do not play with animals

It is neither their festival nor do they want to be wrapped by some toxic chemical. Do take care that you dont put colours on them in your post – bhang craziness, as the harmful chemical present in colours is not bearable by them.

4. Take care of the environment

Use scrap like waste boxes, cow dung, etc instead of wood for Holi bonfire. Also use least possible amount of water, do not use balloons and use organic colours. Play this vibrant festival to the fullest but do take care of the environment simultaneously.


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