Lets Switch Off Lights For An Hour : Its Earth Hour Tonight

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Our actions today can change our future and that too specifically of the coming generations and The Earth Hour is one such great campaign rather than being a small initiative.It is organized each year by World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature at international level and this journey which started back in 2006 with this idea to save the non renewable resources of our mother earth by encouraging the households,Production houses and the communities as well to turn off the lights during the non peak hours and specifically on one day towards the end of March from 8.30 to 9.30 pm.

Initially it started with a lights off event in Sydney in 2007 and since then it is nourishing and developing it’s seeds from a sapling into a big tree.Now more than 7000 cities take this privilege to be a part of this campaign showing their concern for the environment.The climate change and Saving the earth Campaigns have been such rhetoric topics but still little steps have been taken towards these goals.

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We need to take some stringent actions so that the coming generations can also enjoy the resources we are using in such a heedless way.The actions mentioned may include from the very basic ones like switching off the lights when not in use to being communal and going outside during the evenings.These include going to a restaurant with your family rather than ordering the meals and having them at your home.Doing this will let you save the energy which would have otherwise been used if you would have been at home.We should prefer going out for walks to the parks so that at that time the lights at our home could also breathe and take some rest.These small things are always there but it’s just that we forget to take care for our actions.We can sometimes plan things like having dinner together sitting in just one room rather than being in our own rooms,lightning just that one light.If we are doing something not productive on our own for the earth than at least we all can contribute this much for the sustainable development of our mother earth.

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Little did we realize that these small and little steps in this direction if combined by all of us can create an ultimate and great impact towards our collective goal of conservation of our resources and in particular “Energy”.

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You might have heard of this old adage that the Earth is not what we inherit from our forefather’s,it’s what we borrow from our future generations and the basic learning we can interpret is that we should return it as it is to our lenders none other than our children ahead gifting them the privilege to enjoy all what we have.

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