Life at an all women’s college

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*Song ‘Koi mil gya’ plays on T.V*

Each pair of eyes glued to the T.V. and lost in the world of imagination. While Shahrukh grooves with his moves, the two girls flaunting their curves picturing an ideal popcorn movie. The high school girls, on the other hand, drifting to their city of dreams, fancying the perfect college. Dancing, singing and falling in love.  It is a perfect world indeed, they wonder!

However as soon as the cut-offs are released, the bubble bursts when reality checks in. And they land up in girl’s college. Lady Shri Ram, Miranda House, Kamala Nehru College, Gargi are the most esteemed colleges of Delhi University. Nevertheless, they are all women colleges which seems like poking a splinter to your bubble of dreams. On the other hand, the biggest reality that we all need to acknowledge is going to a women’s college is not at all a disappointment rather a blessing.

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The first thought that usually comes to everyone’s mind when they hear girl’s college is monotony. However, the lack of testosterone does not mean lack of fun. It is a myth that all women college cannot be as amusing as co-ed. You will have the opportunity to make the best of girlfriends and a bond that no androgen can live up to.

Women are always assumed to be overdramatic. They always conceptualised as someone making a storm in a teacup. Admitting in women’s college is as if to kill two birds with one stone. First being that no one judges if you’re over or mellow dramatic. Everyone is going through the same things, forming a huge support system. From your mood swings to sugar rush to period emergency, there’s always someone to back you up. The second perk being, the lack of boy drama. Most of the issues that escalate in colleges are due to relationships. Hence no boys no relationship no drama and a peaceful non-judgemental environment for you to rant and yes your girlfriends will understand the best.

Not really far away from the unsafe environment of Delhi and the judgemental eyes of all the aunties, there lies a place where you can be your true self. Your disappointing women’s college! Co-ed colleges set up an indirect dress code for girls and restricting them. However one of the most important perks of a women’s college is YOU CAN WEAR WHAT YOU LIKE! You can be all fashionista to break up the look of an oversized T-shirt to the sexy dress you have always wanted to try on and no one will judge you.

To have been admitted to women’s college is like seeing life through a new lens. Your opinions change. You gain confidence because here every one is listening but no one is judging. You don’t have to think twice before saying anything. Further, the biggest myth that should be burst is that women’s college is all about feminism. And even if you are feminist, who cares there’s no one to judge there. Maybe back you up or reform them into a much better viewpoint. To conclude, it is a safe place.

Each and everything in this world constitutes both good and bad aspects of it. While pros have been discussed. There are some cons too. While you may get used to the female environment, it might get difficult for few people to deal with males in the future leading to have anxiety etc. Nevertheless, you have your life to make boyfriends so there’s no pressure. You’ll meet the right guy not in college but at the right moment. Your dream to meet your Rahul may not be fulfilled but you can surely find a best friend like Anjali.


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Mallika Barsaley
A 2nd-year student pursuing B.A.Programme with a knack of writing. A budding journalist and an all-time explorer. General Secretary of B.A.Programme Association of Kamala Nehru College.

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