Infusion'19-Annual Festival of IIM Rohtak Reached Greater Heights This Year
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Everyone wants to live our lives in our own ways at some point of time. We imagine our rooms, our freedom, our responsibilities, etc etc. But its not always a garden of roses, it is a sheer stay of responsibilities, mistakes, decisions, consequences and of course- freedom. So, I’ve elaborated on a few points that differentiate between staying in a pg or at home.

• Life outside home makes your thinking and your behaviour more mature. You become responsible for your decisions and your actions. Wisdom is something you learn better stating outside home. The sole reason is that you don’t have your loved ones acting as a shield between you and the world.

• You become tolerant. Be it to different people of different ages, situations implore you to take thoughtful and cautious decisions. You start adjusting, accepting and respecting them. Your activities have a contra effect and your decisions can make a bond stronger or break it

• You learn how to survive on minimal diet and maggi. Afterall, maggi is the savior. And not to forget you miss the home food, a lot.

• The first thought that strikes our mind when we hear of college accompanied by PG life is FREEDOM. There is freedom to make friends, go to parties, wear your favourite clothes, go to your favourite places. No restrictions at all. However, in my opinion, there is something that restricts you at one point. And everybody chooses their own lifestyle.

• You get to know the different “faces” of people when they wear their masks and when they open it according to the situation. Having understanding a person and deciding becomes one of your strengths. Afterall, not everyone is a friend.

‚Ä¢ Back at home, we are so carefree about everything. Money flies as soon as it comes in our hands. In PG it’s different. You know what you need. You prioritize needs, make choices and then spend. There can be days when you‚Äôre left with no money, but you learn how to deal with it.

• You can decorate your room the way you like it. Afterall, that’s one place that gives you a home-like feel.

To top it all, both the ways of living have their own merits and demerits. Its really an amazing life experience. And yes, everyone should have such an experience once.


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