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Life Of An Off Campus Girls College Student

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1. No Boys, of course!

Unlike girls in campus colleges, here we do not get a chance to romance. There are always black clouds of singlehood in our lives. Only boys we get to see are CANTEEN AND RICKSHAW WALE BHAIYA.

2. No Mass Bunks

Okay yes, this is very true as there will always be that padhaku and serious ladki who won’t give up lecture for a day and does not let the rest of the class to enjoy the fashion society’s flash mob. Sighs!

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3. Nobody Cares How You Look

Bad hair day or going without putting eyeliner does not bother you because nobody gives a damn. A bra strap or a stain on the pants does not cause another world war. It’s all chill.

4. Bitching

Yes, bitching. A lot of it. Till we don’t feel the need to stop and till we don’t let our frustration out (with the help of totally extravagant gaalis)!

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5. Updated To Latest Fashion

Duh. what do you expect when a group of girls come together. It’s all about the brand of lipsticks, mascaras, earrings, nail colors, clothes and SHOES.

6. Opens Us Up

All the shy ones here are provided the atmosphere that only helps them to open up and express themselves with more grace. And we, already besharam, become a little more carefree.

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7. Personality Changes

We start to believe there is nothing we cannot do. The barrier of tum ladki ho suddenly vanishes. Here we move benches of our class. We get sponsorships for our events. And we top the class as well. win-win. *winks*

8. Most Amazing Relationships

Despite all that girly drama and bitching, there are connections that are absolutely amazing. You will find girlfriends with whom you will talk to on phone longer than your boyfriends.

So to all those who are in a girls college right now, chill out. you are stuck here for 3 years of your life so might as well enjoy them. Give it some time it will be a fulfilling experience for you.

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