Living Away From Home : What DU Students Feel About Staying In Hostel & PG’s

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It is said that home is sweet.But even then life at home cannot be compared to the life in a hostel.

The life in a hostel is different from that of the home.The greatest blessing of hostel life is independence.You may sleep whenever you like.You may get up late in the morning but no one will question you.Apart from the general rules and regulations,which are to be followed necessarily by everyone,one is his/her own master.But you also can’t deny the fact that you will not find yummy and hot food and you will be the first one to run to your hometown when there are vacations.

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Dikshu Garg, second year student at Lakshmibai College told DU Express “In a hostel you have to struggle a lot.First of all you have to wake up at exact time because khana khatam hojata hai,then you have to adjust and accommodate with others need especially with your room mate.Ghar ki bhaut yaad aati hai,we miss the family love and especially the food.So it is basically like you have to adjust a lot in terms of everything,you have to take care of all your things,you have to be so settled.Moreover torture helps u in getting your life little managed because you learn management lastly you become friendly because you get in contact with many new people so you ultimately interact with everyone.”

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“So firstly it was quite difficult for me to adjust in a new city,then a new place called hostel. Initially I use to miss my family a lot like A LOT! But then I told myself that you have to live here till you complete your college.So basically living in a hostel is like dealing with many gossip girls and as well as studious ones.Coming to the food,you will not find ghar ka khana here and that’s the main reason why most of us are slim.And the most important thing which is best about hostel is you learn how to adjust with new people.At the end I would like to conclude that hostel is a place which will make you learn many new things in life.” Tripti Gandhi, second year student at Kalindi college told us.

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“This is my first time in a hostel.I really missed home but thanks to my elder sister who is currently studying in Miranda House,is my roommate so itna tough bhi nahi hai because we both don’t have to struggle in adjusting with each other.Talking about food I must say it is the best thing about my hostel but I have to rush on time to get it.So actually hostel is really fun because you get freedom and especially apna room hai,you feel independent.” Manu Yadav, second year student at Daulat Ram College told DU Express

“My experience in a hostel is one of the most learning experience because I have learnt how to face problems alone. I have learnt how tackle freedom because when you are alone you can do anything but to manage your freedom is one of the best thing one can learn. Well how can I forget my warden who is always there to keep an eye on all hostel girls. But the truth is mere ghar jaisa khana kisi bhi hostel mein nahi hai. But living a hostel life is not so easy but yes it id truly beneficial.” Sakshi Thukral,a second year student at Daulat Ram College told us.

So we would conclude much of the usefulness,as well as harmlessness of hostel life depends upon its management.A badly managed hostel is bound to spoil the lives of its inmates.A well-managed hostel is sure to prove a blessing for those who are lucky enough to live in it.

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Ruwaidah Suhail
Ruwaidah Suhail a student at Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi. Known for following her ambitions. Giving words to her thoughts, she is a Writer at DU Express but, thats not giving you a lot of detail! So read her articles here.

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