LSR Hostel Allows Nightouts But With a 60% Attendance Criteria;Pinjra Tod To Continue Protest

A group of students was quoted saying “In anticipation of our protest, LSR administration has tweaked the rules to allow late nights and night outs on all days of the month.They have abolished the concept of permission from local guardians or parents but they have introduced 60% attendance for hostels.”

The notice was issued on Friday by the hostel warden making students aware of some of the changes and new rules which will come into existence from July 2019.

According to the new amendments, the new timings will be 10:30 PM and night outs will be permitted on all the days of the month.However, the students have to maintain 60% of attendance as the hostel residency and will no longer have to seek permission from their parents or local guardian but have to provide an emergency contact number. Also the first year students will be issued an I-card.

The students do not seem happy as not all of their demands have been fulfilled and they will continue the protest until their demands and the the promises which were made to them are fulfilled like 24×7 library, constitutionally directive reservation for OBC in the hostel seats, approachable infrastructure to PwD students and many more.


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