Maitreyi College - First To Conduct a Seminar on Carbon Footprint
Image Source - Careers360

Maitreyi College on 6 September, 2019 conducted a seminar on “How to calculate, analyse and reduce Carbon Footprint”. The seminar was organised by the Alumni Association of Maitreyi College and the lecture was given by Ms. Neha Kaul, an alumni of Maitreyi College.

The seminar covered – what is carbon footprint, how to calculate carbon footprint manually and ways of reducing it. In fact, Kaul used real life examples while explaining about carbon footprinting in order to make the students understand in an interesting and simple manner.

The students as well the professors of the respective department participated in the seminar and made it a big success. At the same time, in the end it was decided that this topic will further be used for research during the summer vacations.


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