It’s defiantly a merry time going around in Delhi University. Amidst of all the fun you plan on having there are always some sneaky ways to enhance your CV, have a look.

Internship fairs

Right around the fest season, a lot of colleges organise internship fairs. These are generally organised by the placement cell or some academic society of the college. This is the perfect opportunity as you can find various companies all under the same roof. Be ready with your CV as a lot of them are already aligned up.


This is no secret. Fest season is known for the various and unique competitions that are going around in campuses. While these are great for just enjoying and having fun, winning such competitions could help to get some extra points in your achievement section. Academic societies organise various events like B plan competitions, quiz  and even MUNs.


Always fantasized about roaming around with a walkie talkie but missed the chance to volunteer to be the part of the organizing committee of your college? Don’t worry as there are a few colleges which hire external sources for organizing the same. Keep track for such openings.


This is the time when you FINALLY get the time to explore all of the university. While exploring always look out for an opportunity to connect and get some contacts you never know when they’ll come handy dandy.


Prabjot is a full time daydreamer and a part time student at College of Vocational Studies.You can also spot her hogging on food,but mostly daydreaming. Feel free to drop her a mail at [email protected]


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