Monday, January 20, 2020
Campus Ki Khabar Man Kills Delhi University Student For Harassing His Niece

Man Kills Delhi University Student For Harassing His Niece


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A Delhi University student was found dead near IMT Industrial Area and his friend who is also the accused has been arrested.

The accused is Dhirendra Charan who went with the victim Sandeep Vaishnav in his car and both of them got drunk. While drinking, Charan killed his friend Sandeep as he suspected the victim of harassing his niece.

According to the PRO of Faridabad Police, Vaishnav went to meet Charan on Sunday and after allegedly killing him, Charan was found in a village near Faridabad in a drunken state who told the police that he had thrown Vaishnav’s body near an old factory after hitting him on his head.

The Police also informed that after hitting Vaishnav, Charan also ran his car over him and ran to Sahurpura to save himself and decided to sleep inside his car where he was later found by the police and arrested.


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