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Masaba Masaba: the New Netflix Heartthrob

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Director: Sonam Nair

Creator: Ashvini Yardi

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Cast: Masaba Gupta, Neena Gupta, Satyadeep Misra (Vinay), Neil Bhoopalam (Dhairya Rana), Rytasha Rathore (Gia), Smaran Sahu (Jogi)

Special Appearance: Jeetender Kaushik, Farah Khan, Mithila Palkar, Kiara Advani

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Streaming Platform: Netflix

Welcome to the House of Masaba! She designs, enjoys, fights, cries, and at the end of the day, doesn’t forget to be the ‘Hot Mess’! Watch Masaba Masaba, the New Netflix Heartthrob to know more. 

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Masaba Masaba is a Netflix web series where real-life mom-daughter duo Neena and Masaba Gupta play versions of themselves depicting their achievements and struggles.

EP 01 & 02 | Masaba Masaba: the New Netflix Heartthrob

Masaba Gupta, a famous fashion designer comes to terms with a blind item on her separation from his husband Vinay while she wins the ‘Millenial Female Fashion icon’ of the year. While the artsy couple seems quite chipper in the fashion awards, an Instagram post by Masaba proves the blind item right.

Masaba and Vinay in a still from Masaba Masaba. (Image Source: Netflix)

Left alone in their so-called dream house, Masaba gets depressed and like every child, she runs to her home where her mom, Neena Gupta resides for solace. Another interesting element here is Gia who is busy deciding the menu, music, and entertainment for ‘Gia’s Bar’. It is her last shot to save her family legacy.

Kiara’s special appearance adds shimmer to the onset. (Image Source: Netflix)

In order to boom his business, Dhairya Rana finds Masaba’s upcoming collection as a lucrative investment but requires a green signal from his panel of fellow investors. He carries a ball of deadline to Masaba’s office. Already stressed by the wildfire her news has caused in the fashion industry, this adds to her troubles. Meanwhile, Neena scores a meeting with the filmmaker Farah Khan. When Dhairya calls Masaba for an update, a doting mother Neena snatches her phone and scolds Dhairya for burdening Masaba. It was hilarious! Masaba designs a vibrant outfit for her mom’s meeting with Farah but isn’t offered the role.

Dhairya Rana in a still from Masaba Masaba. (Image Source: Netflix)

On attending a friend’s art exhibition which is more of an idiosyncratic auction, Masaba crosses paths with Jogi who is ‘the real artist’. A love spree is about to spin on Jogi’s Royal Enfield but all of a sudden director Nair gives us a ride in Masaba’s car with “an artistic iron worth 1.5 lac”.

Masaba and Jogi in a still from Masaba Masaba. (Image Source: Netflix)

Masaba and Vinay decide to sell their house. With a lack of funds and not even a minuscule muse, Masaba gets in a scuffle with her mother and blames her for her broken marriage.

EP 03 & 04 | Masaba Masaba: the New Netflix Heartthrob

Subsequently, Masaba leaves the house and spends the night at her employer Gehna. Her house inspires Masaba to buy her own space. But boy, apartment-hunting as a single woman is challenging! Still searching for inspiration, Masaba bowls and cheers up at a gaming center with Jogi. After coursing through a couple of houses, she finally settles for ‘her perfect space’ on Dhairya’s reference. Masaba’s assistants and Gia help her in shifting.

As both venture out of their comfort zones, Masaba shoots a commercial and Neena gets into a music video. Masaba manages to earn funds while Neena earns publicity for ‘Aunty Kisko Bola Be’. Masaba and Gia get into a fight and Masaba upsets her. After throwing a screening party for her mom, Masaba gets to Gia’s place and they open the bar with all frills and frivolity.

Gia and Masaba in a still from Masaba Masaba. (Image Source: Netflix)

There, she encounters her ex-husband Vinay and his new date. As a result, she decides to get into the dating game. In a date, she finds her investor Dhairya with some girl and accidentally sends their picture to Dhairya instead of Gia with an amazing hotshot caption!

EP 05 & 06 | Masaba Masaba: the New Netflix Heartthrob

Masaba’s conversation with her mom gives her the inspiration to come up with a new collection. She along with her team get on board and works hard in designing it. Meanwhile, Neena auditions for Badhaiyi Ho and secures the role.

While everything seems to come roses for Masaba as she launches her collection in a cruise show, things fall apart. With models stumbling, puking, and crying over break-ups, her show ends up getting trolled. But there comes the fierce and determined Masaba! She encounters her investors scoring a 1 week-deadline to fix everything. Later, she attends her mom’s first take in years as a lead. Last but not the least, she launches her collection but not with ‘plastic’ models but with the women of the House of Masaba! In addition, Vinay gets the house sold. Masaba takes the cheque to Dhairya as compensation for the trouble spilled by her but gets overwhelmed on encountering enormous social media success for her collection. In the last, we see Neena celebrating her 60th birthday with her family, friends, and the House of Masaba.

Masaba and Neena Gupta in a still from Masaba Masaba. (Image Source: Netflix)

In this playful, fictional peek into their lives in fashion and film, both Neena and Masaba tend to bring out their real-selves – equally determined, outspoken! While Neena is wiser in matters of heart, Masaba’s professional alacrity tends to bind the entire series. The bold yet beautiful beats coupled with an amazing rendition of the Masaba print makes this series worth watching. A cherry on the cake is the glimpses of junior Masaba. 

All’s well that ends well. Hang on! Masaba misses her periods…

What next? To know further, watch Masaba Masaba streaming on Netflix.

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