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Mass Bunk : Every College Student’s Dream

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As you go through college life there are many fun things to do but when it comes to mass bunk,we know it is always the priority. What makes it even more interesting is the way in which it is executed.

The obstacles (after they get solved) are additional stars to the cosmos that is mass bunk. The not so freaky obstacles are easy to pass through. Let’s have a look at the difficulties in executing a mass bunk:

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Mass Bunk : Every College Student's Dream Do you have unity in your classroom? If the answer is “Yes” then there is a 99.9% chance that you will get the fruits of your mass bunk.

But dude, “Divided we fall” is the game that applies to this bunk theory too. You cannot have a mass bunk unless you don’t have masses to bunk classes which is directly proportional to the intensity of degree of unity in your class.

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Is your class filled with nerds? If the answer is “Yes” then you cannot have a mass bunk; I am so sorry! These are the people of sheer inanity who cannot understand the sorrow of sticking straight to desks attending long lectures on a regular basis.They will sacrifice everything on the go to attend the classes.

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“If there will be no classes, attendance will be low and I will score low”- Chapter Close.


These are the last torch bearers who on crossing the finishing line declare mass bunk but when they do not, it renders the initial torch bearers (Students) ineffective. There are three types of professors who are obstacles in the execution of a mass bunk-

1. Those who, to satisfy their Ego, say “NO” in front of students but who are themselves excited by the idea of not taking a lecture tomorrow and having an hour or two free (however,the difficult part is to identify such professors)

2.Bipolar teachers who will take the class even if there will is only one student in the classroom.

3. Teachers with the sheer sense of “No”.


These students know nothing of classes, mass bunk or even teachers. They just coincidentally (100% coincident,I assure you) attend classes on the execution day.


So if you are able to remove these obstacles one by one, you sure will be benefited. In the end we will get the fruits of our hard work in the form of some of us taking naps in their beds to remove exhaustion,some participating in competitions,some coping with their syllabus and some just hanging out without losing attendance and valuable suggestions of teachers.

Mass Bunk at least bi-weekly is your right dose (absolutely right when your college has an extra working day called “Saturday”)

As the saying goes on Р“It’s your class,bunk it large”

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