Maths Students Demand Free Revaluation After Mass Failure In 2 Exams

Remember the case where 35 out of 40 students pursuing Mathematics from Delhi University failed the Computational Fluid Dynamics course in their semester exams held during December 2018?

Well, it is now coming to light that 150 out of 300 students have even failed the first semester exam of Field Theory and 130 out of 300 failed the Measure and Integration paper.

It is known that for re-evaluation of the answer scripts, the students are supposed to pay a fee of Rs 1000 all across the university. Now, the students are demanding from the University, the waiving off of this fee because of the mass failure.

After the declaration of results on February 8th, students have been observing incessant protests for this unjust marking scheme since February 14.

The students are now wanting a free of cost re-evaluation of the three aforesaid papers, and the third semester Fourier Analysis paper, where they complain that there are a large number of students who performed poorly as well. Students also demand transparency in the correction process so that they can view their answer sheets once they’ve been checked.

Apart from free revaluation, the students also demand allowance to clear their backlogs through re-examinations within two months preceding every semester.


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