Monday, January 20, 2020
Campus Ki Khabar Meeting Organised In North Campus To Discuss Veer Savarkar...

Meeting Organised In North Campus To Discuss Veer Savarkar & Bhagat Singh


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A public meeting was held on Wednesday regarding the controversy between R.S.S. ideologue, Veer Savarkar and Indian freedom fighter, Bhagat Singh.

The meeting took place in North Campus and various student organizations including, Pinjra Tod and Parivartankami Chhatra Sanghtan (PACHHAS) were present. They invited people at Gate number 4 of the Delhi University’s Arts Faculty for a discussion on, “Hindutva Kiran Savarkar ya Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh”.

“Bhagat Singh was a thinker who left behind a revolutionary ideology. RSS says that he praised Savarkar. Yes. He did… But he finished it within four-five lines. That’s that. Politics is far away from Bhagat Singh’s ideology. His legacy of nationalism should be taken forward with that spirit. Ideologically, he had huge similarity with Bose but Savarkar.It is an insult to juxtapose him with Savarkar” said Irfan Habib.

Two personalities who participated in this discussion were, historian and author Irfan Habib and Bhagat Singh”s nephew Jagmohan Singh.

Jayati Bhasin
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