Miranda House Installs Digital Talking Signages For Visually Impaired Students

Miranda House Installs Digital Talking Signages For Visually Impaired Students

Miranda House Installs Digital 'Talking' Signages For Visually Impaired Students
Image Source-I Times

Under the Digital Vision Program,Samdrishti-The Digital Signages have been installed in the Delhi University’s Miranda House College which consists of 70 visually impaired students.

This program is run by The Enabling Society of the college-Lakshita that guides visually-challenged students around the campus,to Metro stations etc and the university’s equal opportunity cell.The objective of this program is to bridge the gap between inability of visually impaired and students who have a normal eyesight.Also,this will sensitize people towards developing coherence and fraternity.

Visually impaired students can install this help with the help of their fellow students and teachers in their mobile phones and can scan QR codes.

At the most visited places the canteen,classes,hostel rooms etc, 100 QR code acrylic sheets have been put up in the college premises.As students will come into a 3 feet area near these sheets,this app will guide them vocally to proceed in the right direction.

Delhi University has 1,589 seats reserved for students with disability,of which,hardly one-third gets filled up every year.

It will help reduce the barriers of inaccessibility for disabled students to Delhi University.

This is a significant step in order to eradicate problems faced by visually impaired students especially when admissions are round the corner.If universities will proceed in this direction,India will soon be discrimination free and truly ‘incredible’.